Episode 01-09

Episode 01-09: Penny Dreadfuls with Throuples (ft. Katrina Jackson)

Released: January 15, 2020

For this week’s episode, Jhen recorded alone because Sham was unavailable but she was able to do a lovely interview with author extraordinaire Katrina Jackson to talk about Non-Monogamy and Romance. They also discussed a bit of Katrina’s upcoming work and had a bit of a laugh about wanting to be a scamming sex worker.

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Wanna know more about our guest?

Katrina Jackson (she/her)

Katrina has a PhD in African American and African Diaspora history. She's a professor by day who writes erotica, erotic romance, women's fiction, and historical fiction in her spare time. She writes racially diverse and often queer stories that show love and the world in all its beauty and colors.
Katrina is available on Twitter, Instagram, GoodReads and on her website.

Next episode, Sham is back and we are going to talk about more books and comics too. Can’t wait to chat. xoxo

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