Episode 01-25

Episode 01-25: The Catchup

Released: May 13, 2020

Hey Y'all,

Another week down. How much longer you think we gonna be stuck the fuck inside? We’re willing to stay inside as long as necessary but a reasonable time frame would be quite nice.

Jhen was a bit…enthusiastic this episode. Did you notice?

We made sure to plug our contacts 50 million times so you wouldn’t forget.

The DMs are open to professional and personal sliding so hit us up on Twitter & Instagram if you like. Email us if you want to be on the podcast or just wanna ask us questions. 

You may have noticed a Resources page is up on our site? It is a work in progress but we hope to put some proper polyam recommendations in there from TV Shows, Books, Podcasts and more. Give it a glance when you have time and reach out to us if you have any great suggestions.

That’s pretty much the show!
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Until we meet again.

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