Episode 02-01

Episode 02-01: MonoPoly

Released: August 05, 2020

Welcome back to Season 2! Hiatus was great creatively for us but we’re happy to be back with you for more weekly content.

Wanna know more about our guests?

This week’s episode is about mixed orientation relationships. What’s that you may ask? Relationships where one partner is Monogamous and the other is Polyamorous (hence MonoPoly cause hey i’m funny).

We play some interview clips from Saint Lala, Adam & Mai and Megan from The Wonder Thots – with Megan Podcast. We also talk about what our super secret person guest who declined to be recorded said. Big up Shady B.

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Oh! The article by Gabrielle Smith that Jhen mentioned is HERE

Thanks again for tuning in!

One Love & all that.


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