Episode 02-40

Episode 02-40: Three Is The New Two

Released: May 26, 2021

On this week’s episode, Jhen talks Triads. In addition to covering the WTF news of Taika Watiti, Rita Ora & Tessa Thompson’s public canoodling, she plays an interview clip from Evita ‘Lavita Loca’ Sawyers about the triad aspect of her non-monogamous journey. The interview clip was recorded in September 2020 and the rest of the audio for her interviewed was on Episode 02-19 which dropped in December 2020.

Wanna know more about our guest?

Evita (she/her)

Here is a link to some previous episodes were we discussed triads including the ones with Katrina Jackson

Wanna see these Taika Watiti/Rita Ora/Tessa Thompson Pics?

Here is a video of the interaction I found on TikTok.

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Check out next week’s episode where we cover another triad!
– Jhen

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