Episode 01-22

Episode 01-22: Polycule Me Please

Released: April 22, 2020

This is part 2 of the 2 part episode series on Love Triangles in Movies, TV Shows, Books, Comics, Cartoons and Anime that we think would have been better served by Consensual Non-Monogamy or Polyamory.

The links to the articles we mention in BOTH episodes are below but we do not speak directly to them.

Special thanks to Kevin Patterson & Alana Phelan for helping to inspire this topic through their IG Live where they talked about their For Hire series as well as THIS tweet about fanfiction taking care of polyam better than shitty canon love triangles.

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Links to articles we discuss in both episodes:


Poly news was pretty sad this week. We discussed this family (woman raising a baby with her 4 male partners) on Episode 18 using the article that came out in The Mirror. This NY Post article has the same info about them if you want a refresher.
Jhen found out through reddit that one of the male partners physically abused the baby and she was pretty fucking torn up/pissed off about it. Here’s the article about it

Ready to continue our discussion of triangles that should have been a throuple or more? Let’s go!

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