Episode 03-15

Episode 03-15: The D in BPD

Released: May 19, 2022

On this week’s episode, Jhen is continuing the conversation on Mental Health Awareness Month by talking to D.A., a Black pansexual polyamorous woman who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). We talk about how BPD and other mental health issues can affect polyamorous relationships and there are some book and social media recommendations to hear as well.

CW for this episode for conversations about suicide/suicidal ideation, self harm, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, loss of a family member.

Wanna know more about our guest?

D.A. (she/her)

D.A. is a Black pansexual polyamorous cis woman who was diagnosed with BPD in 2012. She is a bicoastal educator who lives between California and Maryland and, also has depression, anxiety and non-epileptic seizures. She chronicles her journey in self-awareness, mental health, and polyamory via open journal entries, prose, and poetry.

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Tidbits from the episode:

Books mentioned in this episode:

The RA Smörgåsbord

Advice for caring for someone with BPD:

"Take care of yourself. Do not be so into caring for this other person that you love, that you forget to care for you. And that includes receiving care from your community."

D.A. Rogers – May 18, 2022

People talking about BPD on Social Media:

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