Episode 01-18

Episode 01-18: It Takes a Village…Ram?

Released: March 18, 2020

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This week are talking about polyam families and also the “Village Ram” and gyallis mentality that exits in Jamaica.
This episode was more off the cuff with more anecdotal experiences than articles etc.
Next episode we will have an interview with a special guest to talk further about polyam families and hopefully ask him some other burning questions you might want to know.

Re: Jhen’s Quarantine: She’s been both to France and NYC recently and so she is taking the decision to self-isolate to ensure she is not carrying COVID-19
If you don’t know wha COVID-19 is right now, you clearly haven’t been paying attention to ANYTHING in the news.
HERE is the link to the CDC website with all the info about COVID-19. Remember to check the news for your city/state to ensure you are following what’s required by law.

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