Epsidoe 01-19

Episode 01-19: Polyam Fam Bam (ft. PolyRoleModels)

Released: March 25, 2020

Hey everyone.

This week we talked a bit more about non-monogamy and polyamory in families.

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Wanna know more about our guest?

Kevin Patterson/PolyRoleModels (he/him)

Kevin is a polyamorously married educator living in the Philadelphia area writing under the name "PolyRoleModels." He has been with his wife since Jan 2002, ethically nonmongamous since Aug 2002, married since Feb 2007, and poly-identified since 2013.

Kevin has written 3 books: For Hire: Operator, For Hire: Audition, and Love’s Not Color Blind

Kevin can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, his website and on Patreon.

Thanks so much for rocking with us! We really appreciate it.
Until next time.

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