Episode 02-03

Episode 02-03: Labrish (The Catchup pt. 2)

Released: August 19, 2020

Labrish: To gossip or chit-chat

While we aren’t gossiping, we are having a chat about what’s going on in the world of non-monogamy through some articles and tweets the past couple of weeks and sharing our thoughts.

We start off pretty light and looked at quarantine dating terms as featured in The Economist and AskMen. Wanna know about bearfishing, coronalingus, sexually isolating, zumping & the amazing No Scrubs reference we make? This is the place to find it. Jhen also attempts to ban Sham from the the recording due to a Fast & The Furious joke. It didn’t take.

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Hope you guys enjoyed this episode.
Much love.

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