Episode 7

Episode 02-07: Consent & The Digital Get Down

Released: September 16, 2020

This week, we talk to Cherí Calico Roman and Pages Matam about consent, how to keep virtual sex spicy and more.

We also use the intro to talk a bit about America’s Dick and Bella Thorne breaking OnlyFans.

Wanna know more about our guests?

Cherí Calico Roman (she/her)

Cherí is a queer – femme 29 y.o. Philadelphia native and is the Co-Founder of The Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance (PCDA); the creators of Black Poly Pride (BPP) – the first Pride weekend that centers the black Polyamorous community and its multiple intersections and “Are Black People Allowed?” A Series of Virtual Conversations & Events. 

She is a Black polyamorous community organizer, activist, Investor, Creative and professional doula/birthing advocate who is currently dedicated to consensually curating a Seduction Renaissance and a Wild and Free Coterie.

Cherí was also on Episode 01-26 with the co-founder of the PCDA/BPP, Chaneé

You can find her across social platforms on Instagram & Facebook

The Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance Instagram, Black Poly Pride Instagram, Black Poly Pride Facebook, Black Poly Pride Twitter

Pages Matam (he/they)

Pages Matam – or Sir Wolfgang if you Kinky – is a multilingual international champion poet, writer, performer, event coordinator, & educator from Cameroon, Central Africa.

He is a castmember of the Sweet Spot, an award winning all Black burlesque & Sex positivity education national touring troupe.

His work intersects in culture and identity politics,  Black Liberation, radical healing spaces and holistic sex & sensual practices, having appeared in Essence,  Cosmopolitan, Button Poetry, The Kennedy Center, and more.

He is currently based in Washington D.C., where he spends his off time writing scripts and being a proud gummy bear elitist, anime fanatic, and fried plantain connoisseur.

You can find Pages on Twitter and Instagram and his website

What is this about a Consent Summit?

The National Coalition of Sexual Freedom (NCSF) has decreed that September is Consent Month.
The Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance (PCDA) Virtual Consent Summit is sponsored by the NCSF and is taking place on September 19, 2020.
What’s the tagline? “Consent is B.A.E.- Before All Else (No matter HOW you connect)”
Wanna sign up for this FREE consent summit? Here is the PCDA Consent Summit Link

Now that you know all this stuff, let’s dive in to the episode.

Debauchery, but make it art.

– Pages Matam

There’s no maybe sorta kinda when it comes to consent.

– Cheri Calico Roman

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