Episode 02-38

Episode 02-38: Black and Not So Kinky

Released: May 12, 2021

Thank Goodness we’re back on Wednesdays!

After an unexpected brief hiatus, Jhen is back from moving out her apartment to talk to Bomber & Belle of the Black N Kinky podcast about their journey into non-monogamy and why the name of their podcast doesn’t quite match real life.

Wanna know more about our guest?

Bomber (he/him) & Belle (she/her)

Bomber and Belle are a Black married couple that has embraced the sexy swinger lifestyle. They use their podcast (Black N Kinky) to help other Black couples who are thinking about exploring non-monogamy or have already dared to traverse the swinger lifestyle and just want to listen to the steamy details of their sexy adventures.

They created this podcast because they felt that the voice of People of Color in general and Black couples in particular has been absent from the conversation about swinging. Although people are people, being Black represents a different experience in a lifestyle community that is almost predominantly White. Their podcast may help give a voice to other people of color and White individuals who wish to gain a perspective from a group different from their own.

You can find them in the following places: Instagram ~ Twitter ~ Website

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That’s all she wrote kids.
We’re back on Wednesdays officially so catch you next week for a solo episode.
– Jhen

An unfortunate update: Bomber passed away in April 2023 and so the podcast is currently not in production.

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