Episode 01-23

Episode 01-23: Call Me Asian (ft. polyamorouswhileasian)

Released: April 29, 2020

Hey everyone! Thanks for rocking with us throughout this quarantine times. We know everyone is going through their own shit and hope to be helping you be entertained during this time.

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Wanna know more about our guest?

Michelle/polyamorouswhileasian (she/her)

Michelle is a bisexual Asian-American woman who practices solo polyamory and lives in the Pacific North West region of the United States. She created her page because she didn’t see a lot of visible asian representation and so she put herself out there to be out and publicly Asian and she’s gotten great dms about it.

You can find Michelle on Instagram and her website

This week we were able to interview our Instagram friend Michelle aka polyamorouswhileasian about her journey in polyam and the community in PNW. Jhen ends up taking it on a tangent (as usual) BUT it was a great conversation all around.
Jhen also talks about the online Black Poly Pride Town Hall and Happy Hour she participated in on Saturday and all the dope conversations that were had there. There’s another one this Saturday too so see the link to that here

That’s all there was folks!
It was such a good talk with Michelle and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram!
We’ll be back next week with…stuff.

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