Episode 02-14

Episode 02-14: Black Poly Romance Is Dead?

Released: November 04, 2020

Jhen takes over the entire month of November and encourages the discourse on BOOKS in celebration of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). We’re definitely talking to romance authors and other bookish people about non-monogamous representation and kick it off with Katrina Jackson!

Wanna know more about our guest?

Katrina Jackson (she/her)

Katrina was previously featured on Episode 01-09.

She has a PhD in African American and African Diaspora history. She's a professor by day who writes erotica, erotic romance, women's fiction, and historical fiction in her spare time. She writes racially diverse and often queer stories that show love and the world in all its beauty and colors.

You can find her under Katrina Jackson on Twitter & Instagram.
You can see her work under Brandy Bush on Twitter & Instagram.
Buy signed copies of Katrina Jackson’s books from her payhip store!

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You might remember Katrina from a previous episode and Jhen continues that conversation but asks a different question: Why are there not a lot of Black non-monogamous romance novels?

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