Episode 01-17

Episode 01-17: Let’s Do Astro-Therapy-Sex (ft. Six)

Released: March 11, 2020

This week, Jhen is diving in DEEP with Intimacy Doula & Resident Sexologist & Sex Astrologer for Clone-A-Willy, Six
Six READS JHEN FOR FILTH in this episode! Sham escaped.

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Wanna know more about our guest?

Six (she/her)

Six is a Miami based Sex Astrologer and Intimacy doula that promotes sex-positivity and self explorations with astrology. Six offers workshops,  consultations, and partnerships that encourage individuals to seek, obtain, and maintain meaningful relationships and connections. Through various means of connecting with clients, BlackWomenCry’s work helps clients feel seen, validated and understood. 

She also has a Masters in Social Work (Specialisation, Contemporary Social Issues) and a Bachelor’s in Psychology (Minor, Biology) and is planning to pursue a doctorate.

At the time of recording, you could find Six on twitter @blackwomencry and on her website here.

Six is also the host of the Astrology Sucks podcast which you can find in all the places.

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