Episode 03-16

Episode 03-16: A Rowdy Good Time

Released: July 06, 2022

Welcome back to the party! On this week’s episode, I give you a brief check in, we talk some news and then dive into our guest and his journey which includes a stop in Sexaholics Anonymous.

Wanna know more about our guest?

Rowdy (he/him)

Rowdy has been practicing ethical non monogamy for over 10 years and started before he even knew the proper terminology. He encountered kink 5 years ago and has enjoyed dabbling in impact, group play and the educational aspect of BDSM. He has led several groups in the kinky community, all focused on improving the access to these spaces for the POC community. He currently co-leads Black and Kinky DC, which hosts monthly events at The Crucible in DC, as well as happy hours, spades events and holiday parties.

You can find Rowdy on Twitter, FetLife: livingmybestlife (please send a message with any friend requests on Fet)

Follow Black and Kinky DC on FetLife: Black and Kinky DC & Instagram

What’s going on in the world?

What did Rowdy and I even talk about?:

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