Episode 02-10

Episode 02-10: Let's Get Kinky!

Released: October 07, 2020

Did you ever want to know about kink? What a coincidence! We do too!

On this first Wednesday of Kinktober, we searched around the internet for definitions of Kink and explanations of different kinds of kinks.

While recording this episode, we realised that we didn’t REALLY know what kink was.
Of course we’ve all watched movies and seen clips with kinky things happening BUT did we really know what kink was? Absolutely not.
Lucky for us, next week we’ll have actual experts to talk to.
Until then, here is our bumbling about.

Kink is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of sexual activities that are considered to be unconventional or unorthodox. While BDSM is one of the first things that springs to mind when someone hears the word kink, it’s far from the only kinky practice out there. Sexual acts such as spanking, dripping candle wax on the skin, participating in orgies, swinging and role-playing are also often considered to be kinky, as are some unusual sex positions or usage of sex toys…Anything not kinky is said to be vanilla.”


“A kink is anything that falls under non-traditional sexual and intimate desires, practices, or fantasies. The word non-traditional will mean different things to different people based on cultural backgrounds, but in most contexts, the definition encompasses anything that falls outside or romantic, intercourse-based sex between two people. This can include things that range from light bondage like handcuffs, ropes, or tape, to practices like public humiliation, foot-worship, domination/submission, and group sex.”  

Daily Dot

“Kink is the broad term as we know, Fetish is a sexual fixation on a specific object or act that is absolutely necessary to a person’s sexual gratification…All fetishes are kinks but not all kinks are fetishes.”

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And now…a message from Jhen directly (which dropped at the top of the episode):
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