Episode 01-24

Episode 01-24: We Famous Famous (ft. Polyamorous Black Girl)

Released: May 6, 2020

Hey Y'all,

Hope you’ve had a great week. How are you enjoying the episodes so far? Do you love us? Hate us? Can’t live without us? Hit us up on our social media ( Twitter & Instagram ) Fun Fact,this is the 5th interview that we’ve done since we started this podcast! Wild right? Look at us pulling all sorts of super important famous people! 

Sham finally made it to a Black Poly Pride event y’all! Jhen may or may not have made him demonstrate some of his moves on the wife for an audience. If you weren’t there then where the hell were you? There’ll be another event this Saturday and we will share the flyer for that on our Instagram page.

Wanna know more about our guest?

Alicia/Polyamorous Black Girl (she/her)

Alicia is a pansexual polyamorous Black girl based in Toronto.

You can find her on her locked Twitter account, Instagram, Patreon, her Facebook page (which is about to be unpublished any day now) and her website (which is currently down but will be up when it’s ready). Also here is her PaylPal if you want to give her a one time financial contribution cause those tuition fees be expensive.

This week, we had another super famous (humbly, of course) special guest: Alicia aka Polyamorous Black Girl.
Here are some highlights and fun facts about her from our conversation.

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Can’t think of anything else to say so #StayTheFuckAtHome.


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