Monogamish Pod Season 4 Preview

Monogamish Pod Season 4 Preview

Monogamish Pod Season 4 is coming soon. Check out the new trailer for the show.


Hello everyone, welcome to Monogamish Pod, a podcast about non-monogamy and polyamory through a Black Caribbean lens.
I’m your host, Jhen, and I am a Black Jamaican woman who is also pansexual and polyamorous.

Through conversations with my guests and referring to books, news articles, pop culture and lived experience, we will be diving deep into the different facets of non-monogamy and polyamory.

Topics covered include religion, mental health, finances, different types of non-monogamous orientations, romantic orientations, sexual orientations, relationship orientations, positive and negative representations in the media, dating across different races and cultures, the intersection of polyamory and kink, the polyamorous family, hierarchy, and many, many more.

There are over 100 episodes of this podcast available to you on Spotify and wherever else you get your podcasts. Want to know more about Monogamish Pod? Head over to and get more information from our website today.

I can’t wait for you to be a part of the Monogamish Pod family. Don’t forget to tune in. New episodes coming soon.

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