Episode 02-06

Episode 02-06: Conversations

Released: September 09, 2020

On this week’s episode, we keep things sorta light and just talk about some articles and things.
We discuss previous episodes and events that have already happened and offer some teasers for what’s coming soon for us on the podcast as well as in the online conference space.

"To everyone who is doing virtual school and home schooling their kids in this time…everyone who is sending your kids to school…gad go wid yuh cause mi nah go wid yuh. Das why mi nuh ‘av nuh pickney. Dat is why I don’t ‘av children so I don’t ‘av to do dis."


BTW We are still looking for people to be featured on the podcast!
Right now we are looking for Triads and Swingers.
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**we apologise for some of the long pauses, background noise and glitches you hear in this episode, technology drama ya know**


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