Episode 02-45

Episode 02-45: Squirrels Have Threesomes?

Released: June 30, 2021

On this week’s episode, Sham returns to the pod for the season finale and Jhen plays a clip from an interview with Kat Wolf from APG

Wanna know more about our guest?

Kat Wolf (she/her)

Kat Wolf – worked with APG from inception until early 2013 and then returned officially in Janurary 2021 and took the position of Club Coordinator that has turned into Event Director, Podcast Director and Admin. She loves APG and what it has to offer.

You can email her at kat@altplayground.net

Batman Eats Pussy

Amelia Earhart's letter to George Putnam

A Devil's Threesome turned bisexual experience in Jamaica

Shout out as usual to everyone at Altplayground.net. Special shout out to Kat Wolf, Sherry, Sara, George and all the other amazing people we have worked with and spoken to from Altplayground.

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Thanks so much for rocking with us this season.

We’ll catch you in the fall.


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